14 September 2011

little friends called air plants

plants and i have a long, hard past. i can't keep them alive no matter what i do. light. water. nothing i do is good enough for them. eventually i cause them to just give up and die.

i should probably give up my dream of having a house full of plants due to my black thumb, but i decided to get a cactus instead. my thought was that cacti are invincible and surely even i could care for one. he has been with me for a while now, and he is still alive and well. he has poked me a few times, but we are still friends.

carl {my cactus} has raised my confidence level on my ability to take care of a plant. now i want to take the next step. own an air plant.

i have always loved the look of air plants. they are so beautiful and crazy easy to take care of. lately my desire to own one has been very big, and i feel that i am soon creeping up on the day where i just order one {or three!} already.

here are a few different types that i have my eye on. i love them all.

hopefully someday soon a few of these beauties will be mine.

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